This blog has lied dormant since 2011 due to my newfound interest: Theatre!.....I've participated in several plays, sketch shows etc. And I'm currently writing for a new show with an upcoming premiere in April. Over the years I knew I had a knack for comedy. But I haven't pursued acting since school, where I directed and wrote some plays.
But now...working with fellow actors, trying to put up a show worth seeing, is great. Very inspirational on many levels. Not only theatre wise, but also in painting. We're not talking Shakespeare here or serious acting, but surrealistic revues with grotesque twists.
And of course my favorite set up is "man walks into a shop". Spike Milligan and Monty Python are the beacons here. Stay tuned. I'll post some photos from the shows..

Karima Hoisan did it again....

Karima Hoisan has made a new poem where one of the inspirations were my painting ”Sniper”. Again I’m honored that this piece sets a story about Noor. Read tells emotionally about the stupid and cold concept of war...Thanks Karima....

Here is a link with photographs by Karima:


Great poem by Karima Hoisan

The poet Karima Hoisan has conceived and created a poem over my drawing ”Wired and happy”. That poem makes me wired and happy. On her website: you can read more of her works, and she is not hard to find on YouTube. I present to you here the drawing and Karima’s words. This poem makes me very proud....

wired copy copy

Wired and happy

I gotta Bluetooth in my Third Eye
sending me secret files from Mars-
Upload Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
Hooking Up to World Sat Com.
so my fingertips can drop those bombs.
I’m a wired drone coming to your neighborhood soon-
I have the universe in my cortex,
I’m a werewolf’s metaversed full moon
and I’m howling too.

I got 5 beats going a.t.m.-euro tecno- tecno ecno -
ethno chill -groove and discoverable-
From tip to toes I’m wired to capture every nuance of my dance.
I can play it back when I close my eyes
boogey with myself ‘n be my own romance.
I’m wired and happy about it-
You getting it? I’m wired and happy about it!

My Bluetooth is beeping, so just excuse me-
I have 24 encrypted files that are downloading you see-
Shaking  my cardiac arrest for all it’s worth-
Makes me go….
Makes me go….
So wired and whack and I don’t look back!!!
Download Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
GO! GO ! GO! GO!

Don’t like Shumans, Klingons, I don’t like Shrek-
Just make my own space fly… night ‘n day
Don’t need no Star Trek-
For fun I watch a black hole swallow your  mother…
Don’t come with those psycho interventions
You disconnected- lazy- analog- slugger!

I’m processing 15 YouTubes while I dance in this Geeked -Out- Club!
My kind of peeps, androids posing as bouncers and thugs-
I’m editing, splicing, and drooling and that’s the way I like it!
Wired and happy about it-
I said I’m wired and happy about it!

I just copied 16 thousand frames and never lost the beat.
I’m dropping the lot in your Dropbox and re-logging
just to get back my speed-
I got 10 songs going ’round and ’round
My tongue is numb so I roll it up and hum along-
Conversion Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
I’m wired and happy about it.
. I said  I’m wired and happy about it!

Karima Hoisan March 30, 2011 Virtual Art Gallery Linc Island SL © 2011 all rights reserved

Poster for the fictive film: "Curse of the EuroZombies"

Just made a poster for a fictive film about Neuropa (Hitler’s vision for a new Europe). Dictators from Napoleon to Hitler must be rejoicing that all the ideas from the Third Reich is now being implemented. From bans on tobacco and fat foods, racial hygiene to antisemitism. If you want a free signed print of this, just send me an email and I’ll send it to you...

I carve a rune for Thomas Arnel

The painter Thomas Arnel fight for his life these days in a hospital. He has been an inspiration for me through my life, a great artist, a magnificent craftsman. Though he is not dead yet and hopefully will recover his illness, I feel urged to carve this rune for him.

He was born in 1922 in Copenhagen, but has lived his life in the city of Aarhus. His debut was in 1949 and he got his breakthrough at the 1953 Artist's Easter Exhibition, where he for many years participated. His work is represented in the major art museums in Denmark and abroad. He has exhibited in the USA and Britain and throughout Europe. He is the most outstanding danish surrealist. And creator of a special universe of poetry, women and very disturbing creatures. Always on elaborate bicycles:) Arnel has sold to a lot of prominent buyers including the Prince Concort Henri of Denmark, who bought 5 pieces for distribution among familymembers. The prince is said to have said:"Thomas Arnel is the greatest danish surrealist ever."

From early childhood he loved cartoons and has made a lot through the years. Started with small strips in magazines, illustrated "Treasure Island" and in later years he has made graphic novels about his hero Ofil, who has his adventures in deeply surreal surroundings.

His preferred medium is the scraperboard. A board covered in chalk and black verneer. You scrape through the black surface and the chalk appears, making it possible for you to make extremely fine lines. As opposite to wood carvings. He has made oilpaintings too, but always with the emphasis on the drawing and the story. I show you here some examples of scraperboard, pen and wood carving.

You can google Thomas Arnel and get more info. Mostly is in dansh I'm sorry to say. But maybe someday someone will write his bio in english. Thomas Arnel is a very mild mannered man, great sense of humour and irony. A "mensch". Thomas Arnel is my uncle and I copied him a lot growing up. We have always had the same preference for surrealism. But where Arnel is poetic I'm more brutal and german, I'm sad to say. Would like to have his poetic sense. I carve this rune, I, Torben, nephew of Thomas.

1. march 2010
I'm happy to say that the recent bulletins about Thomas Arnel are good. The fever has left him, the penicilin has kicked in. He has been up, and he has eaten some soup. The hospital is looking for a place where he can restitute. All in all good news. May he be stronger by the day.

12. march 2010
Thomas Arnel is now safely in a retreat where he is served delicious meals to fatten him up. He is still weak, but have his mind on a book on him, that interrested fans are working on.

19. april 2010
Thomas Arnel is now working together with his family and Claus Brusen on the book that will cover his entire lifestory. Great news and I'm looking forward to see the result. Claus Brusen has made a lot of exquisite artbooks through his outstanding publishinghouse.

21. april
Thomas Arnel caught pneumonia last week. He was too frail to fight it and died peacefully at the hospital in Aarhus last night 20.15. My condolences to his family. Our thoughts are with them these hard days.

29. april
Thomas Arnel's funeral was yesterday attended by family, friends and fans. And I'm pleased to say, that the ongoing project of making a book on Arnel is very much alive. I hope, we soon shall see a book with the ultimate bio and story of this great surrealist.