Great poem by Karima Hoisan

The poet Karima Hoisan has conceived and created a poem over my drawing ”Wired and happy”. That poem makes me wired and happy. On her website: you can read more of her works, and she is not hard to find on YouTube. I present to you here the drawing and Karima’s words. This poem makes me very proud....

wired copy copy

Wired and happy

I gotta Bluetooth in my Third Eye
sending me secret files from Mars-
Upload Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
Hooking Up to World Sat Com.
so my fingertips can drop those bombs.
I’m a wired drone coming to your neighborhood soon-
I have the universe in my cortex,
I’m a werewolf’s metaversed full moon
and I’m howling too.

I got 5 beats going a.t.m.-euro tecno- tecno ecno -
ethno chill -groove and discoverable-
From tip to toes I’m wired to capture every nuance of my dance.
I can play it back when I close my eyes
boogey with myself ‘n be my own romance.
I’m wired and happy about it-
You getting it? I’m wired and happy about it!

My Bluetooth is beeping, so just excuse me-
I have 24 encrypted files that are downloading you see-
Shaking  my cardiac arrest for all it’s worth-
Makes me go….
Makes me go….
So wired and whack and I don’t look back!!!
Download Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
GO! GO ! GO! GO!

Don’t like Shumans, Klingons, I don’t like Shrek-
Just make my own space fly… night ‘n day
Don’t need no Star Trek-
For fun I watch a black hole swallow your  mother…
Don’t come with those psycho interventions
You disconnected- lazy- analog- slugger!

I’m processing 15 YouTubes while I dance in this Geeked -Out- Club!
My kind of peeps, androids posing as bouncers and thugs-
I’m editing, splicing, and drooling and that’s the way I like it!
Wired and happy about it-
I said I’m wired and happy about it!

I just copied 16 thousand frames and never lost the beat.
I’m dropping the lot in your Dropbox and re-logging
just to get back my speed-
I got 10 songs going ’round and ’round
My tongue is numb so I roll it up and hum along-
Conversion Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
I’m wired and happy about it.
. I said  I’m wired and happy about it!

Karima Hoisan March 30, 2011 Virtual Art Gallery Linc Island SL © 2011 all rights reserved