Born 1954 in a small town near the second-largest city in Denmark: Aarhus. Ordinary danish childhood on black bread and porridge, school, highschool. Discovered surrealism at the age of 12 when I presented a drawing of flying hands to my mother, who said:
”That’s surrealistic”. She should know, ’cause there are 4 painters in the family. My father converted the garage to a studio and here I did woodcuts in early cubist style listening to Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Salvador Dali and any -ism of the 20th century became focuspoints.

Attended the Aarhus Art Academy where I had formal training for 4 years and made friends with other painters. A happy time. Discussing, smoking cigars, drinking, romancing the models. Peter Skriver, Iwan Johnsen and I founded an art group, ”Paria”, and had exhibitions across Europe and Scandinavia. My alias at the time was Philip van Noort, after the last name of Rubens’ teacher. I thought my birthname would be too difficult to pronounce for foreign tongues.

I live in Malling now, a small town in Denmark, with a wife for 25 years and a fosterson. Only a mile from the sea. As a dane I have to be able to get to the sea quick. Or else I feel trapped.

For the past 6 years I’ve been working, under my real name, on more cartoonlike artwork. A great medium that gives me the opportunity to comment on everything that occupies my mind. And I need that outlet. At the same time I'm developing a more loose method of painting. A "dogma"-way, if you will. I set boundaries for myself. No erasing, no making things right. A way of dealing with my perfectionism and escaping the intellectualism. And it gives me a new freedom. A chance to play and pure joy of creating. The portraits of Albert Goering, Orson Welles, George Grosz etc. are examples of that. These days, with virtual worlds, digital art and hard core Photoshop, it’s a blessing to see traces of human motion and movement in artwork. I’m studying actionpainting and colour dissonance. Also I'm engaging in extensive portraitpainting honoring my growing interest in my fellowman. Sitting for a portrait is total communication. The model and you are open, intimate and shares thoughts and emotions without to many filters. Or should do - if the sitting is good.

"Work" you'll see a selection of my work. It's a fastmoving slideshow. Just left click with you mouse and a controlpanel will emerge. Here you can scroll forwards, backwards and freeze the frame.

Aarhus Art Academy 1971 - 1975
Studies with graphic artist Thomas Arnel
Studies with painter Jens Thomsen
Studies with painter Nikolai Mølgaard Andersen

Thank you for your interest and don't hesitate to contact me for further information. I would love to hear your opinion and feedback.

Torben Mølgaard-Andersen